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  •  Living@Home is a simulation of evolving creatures for your desktop. Living@Home differs from existing examples of the genre (FramSticks, Primordial Life) in not starting from “atomic” components. Living@Home therefore supplies the creatures with a variety of ready-made organs and components, from which to build bodies. The creatures, called “biots” are somewhere between animals and tanks, being equally likely to bite one-another or open fire with armour piercing shells.
  •  Living@Home uses the principal of Genetic Programming to enable the biots to actually evolve totally new bodies and behaviour.
  •  Living@Home also pays serious respect to the eye candy required capture the imagination of the user. OpenGL graphics render the evolving world in real-time, and “special effects” dramatically illustrate the on-going struggle for life. There will be no instances of organisms bumping together and one coming away bigger.
  •  Living@Home will use multiple communications channels to enable isolated programs to share biots with the online community. Communications modules will exchange data by email, hard-wired “neighbouring world” connections, or Napster-like distributed server approaches.
  • And finally, the software design is open to extension; people will be able to create add-ons as DLLs, just dropped in an application directory…
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